Letter to my brides to be...

June 2, 2017


Just moments ahead are kaleidoscopes of milestones waiting to unravel.

To join with one another, and take on the world together- it’s a beautiful journey, and right before you lie the very first steps.


Years, months, weeks & days all spent carefully planning and creating something meaningful to your connection, every detail from colours to cakes, all as your friends’ work on exciting pre-parties and heartfelt speeches.


As the timeline gets shorter, the nerves & excitement find you together, and as you count down the days, one day, you’ll wake up all giddy because that day will finally be upon you. (That is, if you actually got any sleep).


Your morning routine will start quiet, and slowly but surely the real preparations will begin, the expected homey chaos – and then hair & makeup processes proceed to perfectly allow your happiness to glow through.


From that point on, that first event to the last one will fly by like seconds.

You’ll be showered with blessings and best wishes from your soul mate, and all those around you.

You’ll see all the details & plans (that took forever) turn into a wonderful celebration, and all those special individuals you invited will be there, for the two of you!

So much love in those moments will stay in your heart forever.


One of the most precious things in life, is a beautiful marriage.

And having a meaningful wedding, is such a lovely way to begin that new stage.

After your wedding week (or month) & honeymoon pass, its your heartwarming new beginning, and all the memories made that will always linger in your mind and keep you so grateful for everything!


When you approach a milestone like this, the celebration happens, it’s always remembered, but it flickers away in a split second- from something in the future, to something in the past.


A marriage is an amazing achievement, and it is a real honour, for By Aliya to spend these precious moments with you & document the true emotions and moments that take place before the real journey together begins.

The behind the scenes, before and after the guests, and even when you think no one notices.

To glance back into frozen moments will forever be a blessing, a luxury, a keepsake & someday a beautiful history lesson.


Every love story is unique & I would love to tell yours.

Warm wishes,

By Aliya



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